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New Teachers Get a Hand Up


The Board held an orientation session on Wednesday, October 25th as part of its New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP).

The day-long workshop provided an opportunity for new teachers to learn about a variety of issues they may face in the classroom and outside of it.

A Best Practices module included teachers collaborating on what approaches they have found have worked in their classrooms and challenges they have or may face.  Five key focal points were; knowing your learners and building relationships, setting the learning environment, daily planning and organization, assessment and evaluation and communication with parents/guardians.

DSC_0385“This proved to be a great learning experience as these young teachers get the opportunity to see what has worked for others and the similar situations they have faced.  They also received words of wisdom from members of our program team who have worked on these key practices throughout their careers.  In particular, I would like to thank Sister Pat Carter, Mona Jones, Micaela Mansfield and Lorenzo DiCerbo for being so generous in sharing and facilitating the rich, meaningful conversations and learning related to professionalism, the components of effective teaching,” said Superintendent of Education Maria Esposito.

During the day, participants were given an outline of the Board’s growing use of technology through the Learning Management System and Google Apps for Education.  They also reviewed the Ontario College of Teachers Standards of Practice and Ethical Standards, Indigenous perspectives, Board policies and resources available to them from the Board and OECTA.

“I want to thank everyone involved in making this day a success.  From those who helped in the logistics to my Administration Team peers for adding their insights.  The day was a great way to reinforce to our newest teachers that they are not alone when it comes to their professional journey in education,” added Esposito.

NTIP workshops are held every year for newly hired permanent teachers and occasional teachers on a long-term placement.  In addition to the New Teacher Induction Program, other learning opportunities, such as Professional Activity Days, Catholic Professional Learning Communities, networking and job-shadowing, enhance teachers’ lifelong, personal and professional growth.