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Mentorship at Work


The New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is designed to assist new teachers feel more comfortable as they begin their career.  The latest NTIP workshop was a joint Mentor-Mentee session at the Catholic Education Centre.

The small size of the group allowed for excellent interaction and information.  Maintaining a professional approach to the career was included in the morning session as was a reminder of the resources available to teachers through the board and ministry.

Another component of the session was a focus on the needs of students with special education learning needs.  The new teachers were informed about the modifications and accommodations such students may require and what is available to help students who require assistive technology.

The afternoon portion of the workshop allowed new teachers time to complete put their strategies in place in the classroom that they have learned about through Professional Development days and courses and in NTIP workshops.  They also had the opportunity to speak with their mentors.