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East Zone Track & Field

A board record effort by Bantam aged competitor Keira Kent led the St. Mary’s French Immersion Sharks to victory in the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) track meet for Sault Ste. Marie East Zone schools on Wednesday, June 5 at the Jo Forman Track.

St. Mary’s student-athletes combined to win four of the eight categories including dominating efforts from the Pee Wee and Bantam girl’s competitors.  St. Mary’s finished with 162 points, Holy Cross 147 and St. Paul 137. 

Kent’s record effort came in the Bantam 200 metres where she posted a time of 27.76 seconds.  She also won the 100 metres and was part of the victorious 400 metre relay team.  In the Pee Wee division, Isabella Fata and Ava Provenzano each won three events.  Fata won the 100 metres, running long jump, and was a member of the 400 metre relay winning entry.  Provenzano was also on the relay squad after previously winning the 200 metres and triple jump.

Another stellar performance in Bantam girls was put in by Ashyln Noble of Holy Cross.  She won the 400, 800, and triple jump events.  In Bantam boys, Joseph Buckley and Ben Cameron from St. Paul each won three events.  Buckley won the 100 and 200 metres while Cameron captured the running long jump and triple jump.  Both were also part of the winning 400 metre relay team.    

Other notable efforts saw Jakson Carroll from Holy Cross win the Novice Boys 50 metres and running long jump. Ava Nolan. also from Holy Cross, won the Novice Girls 100 metres and standing long lump.

In Atom Boys, Amare Valenti-Boateng from St. Mary’s French Immersion won the 200 metres and running long jump. On the girls side, Marissa Levesque from Holy Cross won the softball throw and 200 metres. In Pee Wee Boys, Peter Alinsub from St. Paul won the 100 and 200 metre sprints. Harley Wardell and Anthony Blonda from St. Mary’s French Immersion were also double winners. Both were part of the winning 400 metre relay team while Wardell won the 800 metres and Blonda the running long jump. In Pee Wee Girls, Payton Magli, also from St. Mary’s, won the 800 metres and was part of the winning 400 metre relay team.

The West Zone meet is scheduled for Monday, June 10.   Top finishers in all events in both zone meets advance to the HSCDSB championships next Wednesday, June 12 at the Jo Forman Track.

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50 M—–Jakson Carroll – Holy Cross—–7.35 secs
100 M—–Rocco Dos Reis – St. Paul—–16.67 secs
Running L.J.—–Jakson Carroll – Holy Cross—–3.37 M
Standing L.J.—–Mateo Muto – St. Paul—–1.65 M


50 M—–Mya Dodd – St. Paul—–8.79 secs
100 M—–Ava Nolan – Holy Cross—–15.83 secs
Running L.J.—–Maggie Hendrie – St. Mary’s FI—–1.58 M
Standing L.J.—–Ava Nolan – Holy Cross—–2.71 M


50 M—-Alana Johnstone – Holy Cross—-8.48 secs
100 M—-Sophia Fata – St. Mary’s—-14.87 secs
200 M—-Marisa Levesque – Holy Cross—-32.55 secs
Running L.J.—-Ella Burns – Holy Cross—-3.00 M
Standing L.J.—-Beatrice McMillan – Holy Cross—-1.62 M
Softball Toss—-Marissa Levesque – Holy Cross—-2630 M


50 M—-Nick Rossetto – Holy Cross—-7.35 secs
100 M—-Sebastian Brassard – Notre Dame—-15.04 secs
200 M—-Amare Valenti-Boateng – St. Mary’s—-30.16 secs
Running L.J.—-Amare Valenti-Boateng – St. Mary’s—-3.67 M
Standing L.J.—-Somak Majumdar – St. Paul—-2.09 M
Softball Toss—-Danny MacDonald – Holy Cross—-38.3 M


100 M—-Peter Alinsub – St. Paul—-13.23 secs
200 M—-Peter Alinsub – St. Paul—-27.26 secs
400 M—-Nate Carter – Holy Cross—-1.13.06
800 m—-Harley Wardell – St. Mary’s—-2.44.30
400 Relay —-St. Mary’s Sharks
Drew Allison
Topher Barsanti
Anthony Blonda
Harley Wardell
—-59.70 secs
Running L.J.—-Anthony Blonda – St. Mary’s—-3.93 M
Triple Jump—-Gage Evans – St. Mary’s—-10.0 M
Softball Toss—-Devon Major – Holy Cross—-47.70 M


100 M—-Isabella Fata – St. Mary’s—-13.04 secs
200 M—-Ava Provenzano – St. Mary’s—-28.92 secs
400 M—-Sydney Withers – St. Mary’s—-1.12.20
800 m—-Payton Magli – St. Mary’s—-2.51.42
400 Relay —-St. Mary’s Sharks
Isabella Fata
Payton Magli
Ava Provenzano
Martina Pucci
—-56.45 secs
Running L.J.—-Isabella Fata – St. Mary’s—-4.07 M
Triple Jump—-Ava Provenzano – St. Mary’s—-8.22 M
Softball Toss—-Magan Chapman – St. Paul—-40.00 M


100 M—-Keira Kent – St. Mary’s—-13.13ecs
200 M—-Keira Kent – St. Mary’s—-27.76 secs
400 M—-Ashlyn Noble – Holy Cross—-1.09.85
800 m—-Ashlyn Noble – Holy Cross—-2.46.17
400 Relay —-St. Mary’s Sharks
Cassandra Burzese
Keira Kent
Martina Montague
Olivia Spadafora
—-56.45 secs
Running L.J.—-Ella Zachary – St. Mary’s—-3.90 M
Triple Jump—-Ashlyn Noble – Holy Cross—-8.91 M
Softball Toss—-Lily Faubert – St. Mary’s—-36.20 M


100 M—-Joseph Buckley – St. Paul—-13.01 secs
200 M—-Joseph Buckley – St. Paul—-26.83 secs
400 M—-Jack Wuerdemann – St. Mary’s—-1.05.97
800 m—-Nikolas Vecchio – St. Paul—-2.45.13
400 Relay —-St. Paul Patriots
Joseph Buckley
Ben Cameron
Devin Fraser
Ethan Vilaca
—-55.83 secs
Running L.J.—-Ben Cameron – St. Paul—-4.35 M
Triple Jump—-Ben Cameron – St. Paul—-10.10 M
Softball Toss—-Carter Lidstone – Holy Cross—-53.90 M