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Sharks Capture Crown

The Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board City Championship track and field meet was held under ideal conditions Tuesday, June 11 at the Jo Forman Track.

Sparked by Isabella Fata’s record setting effort in the Pee Wee Girls 100 metres the St. Mary’s French Immersion Sharks captured the overall title with 92 points just three points more than St. Basil’s 89 points.  Tied for third place were Holy Cross and St. Paul with 61 points apiece.    Fata’s record run of 12.77 seconds in the final was part of a dominating effort by St. Mary’s in the Pee Wee and Bantam Girls divisions after St. Basil’s had dominated to boys competition. 

Fata was also the winner of the Pee Wee running long jump and as a member of the St. Mary’s 400 metre relay team.  Ava Provenzano was also part of that relay team as well as the winner of the 200 metres and triple jump.  In Bantam girls, Keira Kent from St. Mary’s won the 100, 200 and the 400 metre relay.  Ashlyn Noble from Holy Cross won the 400 and 800 metres. 

Other notable performances saw Matthew Fournier of Our Lady of Fatima in Elliot Lake win the Bantam boys 100 and 200 meters.  Ben Cameron from St. Paul won the triple jump, running long jump, and was part of the winning 400 metre relay team. 

In Pee Wee boys, Alex Spadafora from Our Lady of Lourdes was a triple winner taking the 100 and 400 meters and as a member of the 400 metre relay team. Landon Jones from St. Basil won the 200 meters and softball throw. 

n Novice boys, Ben McKinlay from St. Francis won the 100 meters and running long jump.  Mandy Tremblay from St. Basil won the Novice girls 50 meters and running long jump.

Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board would like to congratulate all competitors that took part in track and field this year.


50 MJakson Carroll – Holy Cross7:55 secs
100 MBen McKinlay – St. Francis15:96 secs
Running L.J.Ben McKinlay – St. Francis3.21 M
Standing L.J.Cole Guizzetti – St. Francis1.72 M


50 MMandy Tremblay – St. Basil8:51 secs
100 MRobin Moody – Notre Dame15:85 secs
Running L.J.Mandy Tremblay – St. Basil3.03 M
Standing L.J.Rylin Pearson – Holy Cross1.59 M


50 MThea Iachetta – St. Basil7:86 secs
100 MSofia Fata – St. Mary’s (SSM)15:01 secs
200 MShandi Sadowski – Holy Family32:64 secs
Running L.J. Zoe Foltz – Holy Family3.34 M
Standing L.J. Beatrice MacMillan – Holy Cross1.83 M
Softball TossMarissa Levesque – Holy Cross28.00 M


50 MEvan Headrick – St. Basil7:52 secs
100 MBrock Chitaroni – St. Mary’s (SSM)14:00 secs
200 MAmare Valenti-Boateng – St. Mary’s(SSM)31:52 secs
Running L.J. Micah Cuglietta – Lourdes (SSM)3.64 M
Standing L.J. Somak Majumdar – St. Paul2.04 M
Softball TossHunter Thorkilson – St. Basil45.00 M


100 MAlex Spadafora – Lourdes (SSM)12:48 secs
200 MLandon Jones – St. Basil27:19 secs
400 MAlex Spadafora – Lourdes (SSM)1:08:80
800 MHarley Wardell – St. Mary’s (SSM)2:42:05
400M RelayOur Lady of Lourdes (SSM)
Ethan Carbone
Karl Bozowskyi
Jarret Dewar
Alex Spadafora
55:18 secs
Running L.J. Ethan Carbone – Lourdes (SSM)4.41 M
Standing L.J. Gabe Palumbo – Holy Family9.40 M
Softball Toss Landon Jones – St. Basil59.10 M


100 MIsabella Fata – St. Mary’s (SSM) **12:77 secs
200 MAva Provenzano – St. Mary’s (SSM)29:43 secs
400 MAyla Mazzuca – St. Paul1:11:51
800 MTori Carbone – Lourdes (SSM)2:52:62
400 M RelaySt. Mary’s French Immersion
Isabella Fata
Payton Magli
Ava Provenzano
Martina Pucci
55:28 secs
Running L.J. Isabella Fata – St. Mary’s (SSM)3.03 M
Standing L.J. Ava Provenzano – St. Mary’s (SSM)8.51 M
Softball Toss Samantha Guido – Holy Family46.50 M


100 MKeira Kent – St. Mary’s (SSM)13.02 secs
200 MKeira Kent – St. Mary’s (SSM)28.31 secs
400 MAshlyn Noble – Holy Cross1:05:34
800 MAshlyn Noble – Holy Cross2:43:64
400 M RelaySt. Mary’s French Immersion
Cassandra Burzese
Keira Kent
Martina Montague
Olivia Spadafora
55:21 secs
Running L.J. Julia Debenedet – St. Mary’s (SSM)3.95 M
Standing L.J. Katie Lamothe – Sacred Heart (Esp)8.83 M
Softball Toss Alexa Nasvolar – St. Paul39.00 M


100 MMatthew Fournier – Fatima (E.L.)12.45 secs
200 MMatthew Fournier – Fatima (E.L.)24.00 secs
400 MHimanshu Seervi – St. Basil1:07:19
800 MGabe Zimbaro – St. Basil2:25:56
400 M RelaySt. Paul
Joseph Buckley
Ben Cameron
Devin Fraser
Ethan Vilaca
53:11 secs
Running L.J. Ben Cameron – St. Paul4.60 M
Standing L.J. Ben Cameron – St. Paul10.35 M
Softball Toss Jason Alexander – St. Basil59.80 M