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Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board

Student Input Requested

STUDY TITLE: An Evolutionary-Developmental Perspective on Prosocial Behaviours, Social Cognition, and the Self-Perceptions on Stress and Academics in Middle Childhood

STUDENT RESEARCHER: Maria Coccimiglio, M.Ed. Candidate, Brock University  

SUPERVISOR: Dr. Sandra Bosacki, Department of Education Studies, Brock University


Students ages 9 to 11 who are enrolled in a school under the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board

About of the Study:

I am looking at the connections among things like empathy, altruism (kindness towards others), and how children think in relation to how they view their stress and their academics. The student participant will be asked to fill out a self-report questionnaire of different measures that consider these factors. The measures are based on self-reports and will take about 30 minutes to complete. Data will remain confidential.


The Google Form includes an information letter for parents/guardians and consent form. By filling this out, you give your child consent to voluntary participation and you will be sent a link to the email you provide with the online self-report questionnaire via Qualtrics.

The student will be asked for their assent to participate voluntarily in the study at the start of the Qualtrics self-report questionnaire. They are permitted to withdraw at anytime if they choose to without consequence.