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Take Me Outside

Wednesday was “Take Me Outside Day” so students in Mme Francella-Stephen and Mme Alton’s Kindergarten class, at St. Mary’s French Immersion in Sault Ste. Marie, spent almost the entire day outside learning, exploring and playing. 

Over 200,000 students and educators participated in the 10th annual “Take Me Outside Day” across Canada. 

On this day, the pledge is to spend at least one hour outside, ideally during class time to raise the awareness of the importance of outdoor education.  Usually the students visit the St. Kateri Outdoor Learning Centre but it is closed this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. So the St. Kateri experience was recreated in the school yard.  The students were dressed in layers and ready for the weather. 

The rain, wind and cool temperatures didn’t stop them from being fully engaged in their learning. They were so excited to go exploring with their friends and educators. , Mme Francella-Stephen and Mme Alton are planning to have more days like this over the school year. 

They are hoping to incorporate these days into their ‘Fun Fridays’.   https://takemeoutside.ca/

What did the students think about “Take Me Outside Day”?

Charlie – Year 2, “My favourite part of the day was going on the hammocks. ” 

Abby – Year 1, “I went outside.  I went on the hammock.  I helped Madame cleanup.”

Sienna – Year 2, “We painted with water. We ate outside.  We took a picture of the balls.  We were practicing our numbers.”

Niko – Year 1 “I played in the sandpit.  I played on the swing.  I played in a puddle and that’s it.”

Claire – Year 1 “I played with Sienna and I ate lunch outside under a tent.  It was fun.”

Kayden – Year 1 “I played the ball and went on the hammock.  I packed up and I had fun. I went on an adventure and that’s it.”