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Reason to Smile

It has been an autumn tradition for years at St. Mary’s College and once again it has, and will, put a smile on many faces.

The 14th annual Operation Smile campaign was held in late October and despite some challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic the campaign was a resounding success…again.

The six days of activities and fundraising organized by Mme. Trecroce’s Grade 12 French Immersion Religio class, brought in $4,500. It’s an astounding amount considering the current COVID-19 restrictions and the face that the main fundraising is the selling of smile cookies at a dollar apiece. A special shout out to our Hospitality and Tourism SHSM students for baking the cookies.

Student with Smile Cookie

The money raised will provide for children around the globe with life saving surgeries to repair severe cleft lip and cleft palate.

“I am extremly proud and moved by the compassion and determination demonstrated by my Grade 12 students who, by their amazing efforts, have nurtured hope in many children less fourtunate than themselves,” said Trecroce.

If you want to support the Operation Smile program visit: www.operationsmile.ca