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A Message from the Director


Rose Burton Spohn

Welcome, Bienvenue, Aanii, everyone!

It is my honour and delight to lead you into the 2017-18 school year.  This year will be one in which we Renew the Promise and reflect on the value of Catholic education

The beginning of the school year is the ideal time to start anew, build healthy patterns, and repair relationships. It is a chance to consider not only what we want to accomplish as an employee, student, family member, friend, leader, or citizen, but also who we want to become.  It is an invitation to grow deeper in our knowledge, faith, and chosen occupation.  And it is a challenge to make positive, life-giving, daily choices that reflect who we and others are – children of God.

We do not need to guess which way to turn in choosing to Renew the Promise.  Our Catholic faith and board’s Mission statement provide us with a consistent direction which we can face.  At the end of each day, we can ask ourselves two questions: “Did I do everything I possibly could today to develop the full potential of each person with whom came in contact?” and “How have I nurtured my relationship with Jesus and inspired Catholic leadership?”  These are our touchstones.

Our board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan also guides us in making wise decisions.  We will continue to keep Catholicity, supportive environments and well-being, relationships, student achievement, and governance at the forefront of our minds in all we do this year.

Happily, our ability to start fresh and Renew the Promise is not confined to the first day, week, or month of school.  Regardless of what occurred the previous day, we have the opportunity every day to renew our commitment to each other, our occupation, and our God.

Thank you for all you have done to prepare for this school year and for the work I know you will be doing throughout the school year to serve and support our students, families, community, and each other.

God bless!