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Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

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Welcome!  Bonjour!  Annin!  Wachay!

The team at Our Lady of Fatima School would like to welcome all our students and families and wish them a great school year.  Being a small school, we are fortunate.

We are a school family and as a family, we work together, we worship together, we support each other and we celebrate our successes together. As a school family, we will encourage our students to develop positive values such as empathy, respect for others, kindness, forgiveness and service above self because these values go a long way to developing great citizens. We are role models and students will learn to be accountable for their actions and to always put their best effort forward by following our lead as heads of the school “household”.

The Our Lady of Fatima team will work diligently to ensure that students are happy and safe. When students are happy and safe, they will learn. We will attend to our students’ needs and present information and ideas clearly. We will offer access to quality instruction and modern technology in a safe and inclusive environment. Every child will feel like a true member of our school family.

As always, we invite parents, guardians and community members to visit the school, get involved in our activities to support our students, worship with us and celebrate our successes. We want you to feel at ease reaching out to us, whether by telephone, email, a note in the agenda, a school visit or any other means that works for you.