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Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board

Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Rooted in Jesus Christ, we are a Catholic learning community called and committed to develop the full potential of each child and to nurture a personal relationship with Jesus that will inspire Catholic leadership.

Dedicated to excellence in education and the desire to live the values of Jesus, we strive to:

  • affirm the sacredness of life and respect for all creation
  • reverence the dignity of each person as a Child of God
  • provide an enduring education that reflects the essence of our Catholic traditions
  • proclaim Christ’s message throughout the curriculum
  • celebrate God’s love in prayer, at Eucharist and in all sacramental moments of life
  • create sacred learning environments
  • cultivate enriching opportunities that will deepen faith

Guided by the Spirit on our journey, together with family and Church, we mutually invite, encourage and support one another in our efforts to transform the world.

Board Symbol

There are four components of the symbol:


The Circle – The circle in our Catholic tradition is representative as a sign of God’s never ending love.

The Cross – The cross is the symbol of the crucified Christ, Son of God, the Word, who became Human. It is a sign of the redemptive nature of the cross for us as sinners. When added to the Circle, is a visible sign of the Eucharist, which is the restorative nature of the cross.

The Christ Figure and Children – The Christ figure, arms outstretched, is inviting all into relationship with Him. The outstretched arms and direction of the bodies of God’s children, moving into the Christ figure, show the reciprocal nature of our relationship with Jesus.

The Dove – The dove is the completion of the Trinity, in the Holy Spirit, who guides us in our desire to be mutually inviting, encouraging and supportive in our relationships with family and church. It shows the need for the presence of the Spirit on our journey with each other, so that we might transform the world as Jesus intended.

The symbol will not replace the familiar corporate logo of the HSCDSB, that includes Lakes Superior and Huron, but will be used to complement it as a focal point in promoting the Mission Statement