JOY-Full Once Again

JOY-Full Once Again

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Hello dear friends of JOY-Full Socks;

This is a letter I have certainly enjoyed sending every year, for the past twelve years.

You did it again!! 

Our JOY-Full Socks charity has had another very successful campaign.  All because of each and every one of you.  You stepped up again, offering your time, resources and love.  You made sure JOY-Full Socks 2022 was going to be a success!

Thanks to your generous and kind souls we collected a total of 6,750 pairs of socks!!!

My heart is filled with JOY and I thank you all very much.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to put together over 1,000 individual packages of socks and hygiene product.  We delivered more than 250 boxes and bags filled with the individual packages, extra socks and hygiene products, baby products, clothing, toys, beautiful hand knit wear, and so much more!

Delivery to each of the 18 different charity locations was received with an abundance of smiles and praises of gratitude. Recipients were quite overwhelmed by your generosity and are awestruck with the reality that others have thought of them, and care about them.  It is wonderful to experience their appreciation and joy.  I receive their gratitude on your behalf.

I too am grateful to you.  I could not run JOY-Full socks without your wonderful support, be it through a donation, providing labour, or both.  It is a gift to me to experience the goodness in each and every one of you.  Words truly are not enough to express my over whelming gratitude.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas and may God bless you!

With love and a joy filled heart,

Leslie Cassidy-Amadio