ECE Appreciation Day

ECE Appreciation Day

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Please join me in celebrating Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Appreciation Day.  Today, we recognize, honour, and thank all ECEs and those who work in childcare settings.

Often, when people are asked what their greatest accomplishments are in life, they will say their children.  They immediately smile proudly, nod their heads, and tell stories about how incredible their children are.  Such moments make me reflect upon the profound trust that parents must have in the child care providers and schools they select for their children.  On a daily basis, they literally hand over to others their most precious gifts – their children – to people they may or may not know very well. 

I am confident that there is a special place in heaven for our ECEs.  ECEs are often among the first people with whom our parents interact, and they often leave their little ones who have sprouted way too fast in the care of these gentle, reassuring, and creative souls.  Our ECEs hug these little ones, distract them with toys, engage them in individual and group activities, help them habituate to the school environment, and monitor their social interactions.  It is a wonder to me to see how our youngest learners, under the guidance of our kindergarten teams, figure out the rules of school and life, all within a month or two. 

Thank you, early childhood educators, for all you do on a daily basis to nurture, protect, guide, and educate our youngest learners.  You take our little ones from sometimes not even knowing their own names to counting, reading, and relating easily with others…and like all true professionals, you manage to make it look easy and fun.  Know that you are truly a blessing to our school system and Catholic education.

Inviting you all to rebuild, restore, and renew together.

Rose Burton Spohn

Director of Education