Fighting Homelessness

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Employees of the board are engaged in countless charitable causes throughout the year one of them being the Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser.

Started in 2011, the Coldest Night of the Year has raised over $33 million dollars to support 144 communities and charity partners serving families, youth, and adults experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger across Canada.

Participants walk outside on February 20th to get a feeling what it’s like for this who find themselves on the streets. This year virtual walks are allowed due to pandemic precautions.

One of the top fundraisers nation-wide happens to be HSCDSB trustee Joe Ruscio. Ruscio has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the charity and this year is no exception. His original target has been exceeded and he is now surpassed a new target of $40,000 in pledges.

Another group associated with the board are the HSCDSB Snowboots team which has also surpassed its goal. But they too are willing to accept more donations prior to the deadline. Their modest goal of raising $750 has been easily attained with the running total now over $2,100.

Both entities have directed to have their pledges sent to St. Vincent Place.

Click Here to support Trustee Ruscio’s team.

Click Here to support the HSCDSB Snowboots team.