Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022

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Registration is now open for Summer School 2022.  A variety of courses in all four secondary grade levels are being offered.  The registration deadline is Monday, June 27.  Courses are offered only if sufficient registration are received.

Summer School runs from July 4 to July 29.   A student orientation session is scheduled for July 4 at St. Mary’s College.  If you have questions please call 705-945-5686.

Grade 9 – E-learning/In-person (at SMC)

BTT10 – Information and Communications Technologies in Business

This course introduces students to information and communication technology in a business environment
and builds a foundation of digital literacy skills necessary in a technologically driven society.

NOTE: This course is LMS based and is available to students entering Grade 9 or students in Grade 9 looking for an additional elective.

Grade 10 – E-learning (LMS Based)

CHV/GLC20 – Civics & Careers

CHV/GLC2OF – Civics & Careers (Français)

Grade 11 – E-learning (LMS Based)

HRT3M – World Religions: Prespectives, Issues & Challenges

GPP30 – Leadership & Peer Support

SVN3M – Environmental Science

Grade 12 E-learning (LMB Based)

HRE4M – Religious Education: Church & Culture

ENG4U – English – University