Candy Corn Bandit

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Ms. McLean brought in a giant bag of candy corn for some fun learning activities and to share with the class.

Since the activities were taking place in two days, the students decided to disguise the bag of candy to avoid the bandit.

They taped on masks and Kleenex to scare the bandit with COVID germs. We made predictions about if our disguise would work.  Will the Bandit steal our candy?

The day of those activities, the Candy Corn Bandit strikes and steals the bag of candy!  We brainstormed our suspects. They generated an entire list from the daycare staff, Ms. Bock, Miss Albert, Mrs. Sauriol, Mr. Boucher, and even Mike the bus driver! They created “Wanted” posters and put them up around the school in hopes of offering an exchange of the candy for a different reward.

It didn’t work!  We gave the Bandit the benefit of the doubt to return the bag.  The following day, we dressed up as candy corn to search high and low.  We make a candy corn craft and wrote a story about the mystery of who the bandit is and where did they hide the bag of candy. 

We spied on our suspects and no crumb was discovered.  So, Miss Ashley picked us up another small bag of candy corn in Wawa.  We created the best traps to catch the bandit and lured them in using a trail of candy corn.  The kids ran to the classroom door the next morning only to discover it was locked.  After many key attempts, Ms. McLean was FINALLY able to open to door. Only to discover the bandit took all of our traps, put them in a garbage bag and hung it from the ceiling. Even worse, the bandit taped our entire class with tape. 

We were feeling defeated.  Then finally, a note!  The Bandit sent us on a scavenger hunt around the school.  On the final clue, it led us back to our giant bag of candy.

We celebrated by cheering and eating it.  We got the candy back!

Next year, we will have to be even more creative to win against the Candy Corn Bandit.