A Night of Music

A Night of Music

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The St. Mary’s College (SMC) rock band, CRUSADE, will make its public debut this coming Friday as they headline A Night of Music to support the school’s music program.

CRUSADE will be headlining the concert which begins at seven o’clock.  The band, which will perform a six-song set, toured elementary schools in December to promote the annual Heaven Cent Campaign, which donates thousands of dollars to local charities every year.  They are well-rehearsed and will be showing off their skills performing tunes from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Members of the band are getting pumped up for their public debut.

“I’m really excited for A Night of Music, especially since we’ve been working so hard. I have been playing guitar for eight and a half years now.  I think my favourite song is our Sweet Home Alabama and All Summer Long mashup because it’s a fun song to play.  

I like how we started playing it as a joke.  Now, it’s part of our set list.  I’m slightly nervous, but I’m way more excited,” said Grade 10 student, Briannan Gouza.

“I’m going to be singing a few different songs.  I’m nervous for my family and friends to come.  My first time singing on a stage was for our Talent Show in December and I was feeling nervous but now my approach is if I did it once I can do it again,” said Grade 9 student, Alexia Rodrigues-Larrondo.

Alexia is one of the many newcomer students at St. Mary’s College and one of the songs she will sing will be in her native Spanish.

“It is about a girl who is shy and sees someone she likes on a train when she travels every day.  They never get to be together because of an attack on the train.  This happened in Spain, and someone found her diary and wrote a song about her feelings towards this person.  The song is in Spanish and is called Jueves, which means Thursday in English, because that was the day the attack happened on the train.”

Over twenty other students have been preparing their own selections for the A Night of Music fundraiser.  Each act had to apply through a formal audition process, and they are very excited to throw a concert to make SMC Music the best part of their high school experience.  You can expect to be dazzled by students in Grades 9 through 12.

“Since the pandemic, it has been very unpredictable if a performance would come to pass but, now we are ready.  Our students have been working hard to make this happen and now we’re just days away from the big event.  

You are going to hear everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to hits from the movie Frozen to music from around the world thanks to the infusion of talent from new students who have moved to Sault Ste. Marie from other countries,” said SMC music teacher, Kait Tappenden.

Also, performing will be two special guests, SMC alumni, who are studying music at Algoma University.  Tianna Legacy and Ryan Mauro are very talented, but we won’t give away what they are planning for the event.  You will have to see and hear it for yourself.

Tickets to A Night of Music are just $10, with children under ten years of age admitted free.  All proceeds go to the SMC music program to upgrade equipment, giving more options to students and creating a better learning experience for all music students.  We offer instrumental, guitar, voice, and musical theatre programming.  Even if you can’t make room in your schedule, you can always join a club since most of them run throughout the school year.  To find out more about the St. Mary’s College music program, visit