Helping ARCH

Helping ARCH

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A campaign to raise funds for the Algoma Regional Community Hospice (ARCH) turned out to be a sweet success for a Grade 12 Religion class at St. Mary’s College’s (SMC).

With support from the Hospitality and Tourism Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program, Mrs. Laura Romano’s classroom managed to raise $1,000 during the month of April to support the palliative care facility.

“I am so proud of these students as they saw the efforts of their hard work pay off. I think this service project was a great learning experience and life lesson for them, especially to get involved in the community and teach them how little things can make a big difference in life,” said, Romano.

“It means so much when we have youth engaged in helping hospice and helping those who are going through a trying situation.  We thank the students for selecting us to be the recipient of their fundraising efforts,” said ARCH Manager of Training and Coordination, Julie Premo.

Mrs. Romano proposed to her students a service project and the students looked at various charity options before choosing ARCH as the benefactor of their plan.

The religion class students promoted the “Inspire Hope” campaign fundraiser and sold items created by the SHSM students.  The deep-fried pastries, and hot chocolate, were a big hit with students and staff.  During the final week the students added popcorn and candy options to cap off the campaign.

“I can’t say enough about the support of Mrs. Van Midde’s SHSM class.  They were gracious about helping bring this to fruition and did a great job creating pastries each day for us to sell.  It was truly a team effort,” added Romano.

Students in the class were proud of the outcome of their project. 

“It’s a great way to the community, not just the school community.  It was the perfect fundraiser to get the whole class involved,” said Grade 12 student, Marcus Palumbo.

Another benefit of the fundraiser was that students learned much more about what ARCH offers.

“I think a lot of us had heard of ARCH, but really what is it and what do they do.  That was a great class bonding and learning experience.  I feel it helped up get us more involved,” said Grade 12 student, Ashlyn Noble.

More information about ARCH and donation options can be seen at