Walk for Justice

When Our Lady of Fatima Chapleau walks for justice, it walks with a purpose!

As winter recedes, the detritus of humanity rears its ugly head and it’s not pretty. It’s especially sad to see litter so close to the Nebskashi River that flows by the school.

Ultimately, the human right to water is critical to human survival, both for individuals, but also at the collective level. 

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ recognizes that all peoples are equal (waterjusticehub.org).

students post after trash collection during Our Lady of Fatima's Walk for Justice

Cleaning up garbage along the road near the Nebskwashi River that flows by the school fits nicely with the day’s theme: #Restore.

By taking the time to clean up and preventing the litter from reaching the river, we are helping “restore” it to its pristine state.

It was a wonderful opportunity to recognize the sacredness of water, the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of protecting our waterways from pollution.

students and staff at Chapleau Peace Park

The K1/K2/grade 1 class concentrated their walk and cleanup efforts in and around the school yard, with help from the 2/3/4 class.

While walking to Peace Park, Mr. Lafleur’s 5/6/7/8 class cleaned up litter along Riverside Drive and also cleaned up the litter within the park.

Our Lady of Fatima students and staff didn’t just talk the talk, they walked the walk for the 2022 Walk for Justice!

primary students at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School collect garbage at the school perimeter
students collect roadside trash during Our Lady of Fatima Walk for Justice