Note To Families

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June 29th, 2021 

Dear Sacred Heart School Families, 

Congratulations on helping your children complete a challenging school year! We are taking one more opportunity to relay some information about next September.  What we know so far is limited so please check the board website in mid-August at  We will also send out information through the school messenger system which goes to the phone number and email that you have on file with the office. 

Like previous years, we are not able to set up or alter school bus arrangements.  Please call the Sudbury Student
Services Consortium at 705 521 1234 for this information.  We are thrilled to be opening in September at our new address; 303 Church Street, where the former Sacred Heart School once stood.  The first day of school will be Thursday September 9th.  We have not had our bell times finalized yet but it is likely that school will begin around 8:30 am and finish around 2:50 pm. 

We also have no information about Covid-19 restrictions and protocols for schools in September.  These will dictate everything from student cohort numbers to what school supplies students can bring in the building.  Again, once more information is provided to us from the Ministry of Education, we will share with families. In the meanwhile, we hope all of our students will have a fun and safe summer. 

Next fall, our school priority will be to re-establish routines while addressing any learning gaps from these past two years. We also hope to re-engage our students with our school spirit and our focus on faith. We know many families are worried and we will work tirelessly to ensure we have a safe and productive return to class in September. 

Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to us! 


Syndy Withers, Principal & Terri Godin-Sokoloski, Vice Principal