Connect On

Welcome to the St. Mary learning Community! We are looking forward to working with your child in our faith‐based environment that is designed to encourage all students to reach their full potential, in all aspects of their lives.

Our teachers have a challenging and complex role.  They are responsible for developing appropriate instructional strategies to help a variety of individual learners meet curriculum expectations.  This is best accomplished in partnership with the excellent support staff that is in place at St. Mary.  We are also proud of its wonderful partnership  with Immaculate Conception Church, and the relationship encouraged between the home, the school and the church.  With guidance, we continue to encourage our students to live by Catholic values, and to be contributing members of our communities.  

Despite being a small rural school in Northern Ontario, St. Mary Catholic School also strives to stay connected to the world. Dedicated efforts, the use of available technology and strategic planning of the staff and its School Council have made the world a smaller place to navigate, with emphasis on graduating global‐minded citizens responsible for the care of this earth, given to us by our creator.  However, the task of educating our students is one that cannot be accomplished by the school alone.  

We strongly encourage that parents build a partnership with the teachers and staff in order to properly plan for our students’ success.  Please continue to use the agendas for daily communication, or pick up the phone when a question or concerns arises.  It is only though constant communication that the appropriate planning can occur for the betterment of all involved.  We at St. Mary thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.

C. Vuorensyrja

Lead Exceedance Public Notice

This message is for all parents and guardians at St. Mary Catholic Elementary school in Massey under the following condition:

Standing Sample

An exceedance for lead under Ontario Regulation 243/07 (Schools, Private Schools and Child Care Centres) has been determined on a “standing” sample.  The subsequent “flushed” sample was at or below the Ontario drinking water quality standard of 10 micrograms per litre.  No further corrective action is required and this notice serves as information only. More information on flushing and sampling for lead may be found at https://www.ontario.ca/page/flushing-and-sampling-lead.

Accessibility Plan

In compliance with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board is committed to providing accommodations to persons with disabilities. 

The Board will take into account the person’s ability to access information and will provide the information contained in Board-produced public documents in a format that meets those needs as agreed upon with the person.