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User Group Categories


Community Use of Schools User Group Categories

a)  Catholic church groups

b)  School board employees (for school functions only)


a)  Children and Youth organizations (Under 16 years of age, ex. Brownies, Guides, Scouts, ect.)

b)  Non-profit community groups (recreation, cultural and athletic groups)

c)  Social functions of neighbourhood organizations

d)  City Community Services Department

e)  YMCA programs

f)  School board employees running non-school functions (organized recreational, cultural or athletic functions)


a)  Organizations producing or sponsoring events of commercial interest (for profit)

b)  Religious service groups (regular church service)

c)  Ministry University courses


Click here to download the Regulations for Community Use of Catholic Schools.

Note: failure to comply with these regulations can result in cancellation of permission to use the school.

Fee Schedule

Category ACategory BCategory C
Elementary Schools
Key Deposit (Refundable) $25$25$25
Single Use (One Day)000
Annual Fee (Once a Week Use)0$100$300
Secondary Schools
Key Deposit *00$25
Single Use (One Day)0$25Auditorium - $300
Cafeteria - $100
Classroom - $50
Gymnasium - $250
Kitchen - $250
Annual Fee (Once per Week) 0$100N/A
Insurance costs (including tax)
Single Use low risk 00$10.80
Single Use medium/high risk 00$27.00
Annual low risk00$60.72
Annual medium/high risk00$121.50

* Note: In secondary school, no key deposit is required for category B and C since carestaff is scheduled. Additional caretaking fees may be assessed.

** User groups must provide proof of $2 million liability insurance.

Category A and B: user groups that do not have liability insurance will have it provided at no cost.

Category C: user groups that do not have liability insurance will be charged for liability insurance.