Anti-Sex Trafficking
Anti-Sex Trafficking


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The Policy/Program Memorandum 166 Keeping Students Safe: Policy Framework for School Board Anti-Sex Trafficking Protocols (PPM 166) sets a strong foundation for Ontario school boards to build local anti-sex trafficking protocols.

This protocol will support coordinated action by all community partners to prevent, identify and recognize sex trafficking and develop responses to facilitate early and appropriate intervention.

One pillar of the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan is dedicated to the Success and Well-Being of our Students.  

It states, ‘our students learn in an environment where they are cherished, safe, listened to, and included.  In keeping with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, our students also feel inspired to learn, improve, develop and suceed in and beyond school’.

It is our opinion that the Anti-Sex Trafficking Protocols we have put in place demonstrate this.