Advanced Placement

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Why Advanced Placement?

​Through an enriched academic program, the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board is dedicated to offering Advanced Placement courses to our high achieving students.

​The AP program and the commitment of its teachers, engages highly motivated students to be prepared for the rigorous academic challenges associated with post-secondary studies. Pre-Advanced Placement courses (Gr. 9-11) establish the required foundation for the Grade 12 specialized AP courses to further enrich the student with university based curricula, thus preparing them to complete the Advanced Placement College Board exam. These standardized AP College Board exams provide an opportunity for the student to earn advanced standing credit(s) for first year university courses.

​Pre-AP Reach Ahead Courses for Grade 8 Students – Math and Science Program

​High achieving Grade 8 students in the subject areas of Science and Mathematics can apply to Pre-Advancement Placement classes prior to entering high school.

A minimum average of at least 85% in Grade 7 Science and Grade 8 Math is required to apply for the Pre-AP Reach Ahead Advanced Placement classes. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to enroll in Grade 9 Pre-AP Science and/or Math in their Grade 8 year. These reach ahead Pre-AP courses create flexibility in the student’s Grade 11 and 12 timetable and allow for further specialization in other Grade 12 Advanced Placement courses including: Art, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English, Geography, History and Physics.

NEW!! Additional Gr. 9 Pre-Advanced Placement Courses

​St. Mary’s College is excited to announce the addition of five new Pre-Advanced Placement Program courses for Grade 9s beginning in September 2021. Through an application process, incoming Grade 8 students not currently enrolled in the reach ahead Pre-AP program will have the opportunity to enroll in the Grade 9 Pre-AP course selections that include Art, English, Geography, Mathematics and Science.