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Programming and Courses Offered

The Secondary school program is designed to provide all students with the essential knowledge and skills that they will require for the future, as well as the opportunity to specialize in areas that are related to their post-secondary goals.

Pre-Advanced Placement Courses

Prepare students to write Advanced Placement Exams which will allow students to earn a credit or be exempt from first-year-university courses, by offering an enrichment opportunity that requires strong academic achievement in prerequisite courses

Academic Courses

Focus on the essential concepts of the discipline of English and also explore the related concepts by developing students’ knowledge and sills, emphasizing theoretical, abstract applications of the essential concepts and incorporating practical applications, as appropriate

Applied Courses

Focus on essential concepts, but develop students’ knowledge and skills by emphasizing practical, concrete applications of these concepts and incorporating theoretical applications, as appropriate

Locally Developed Courses

Are designed to meet the educational needs not met by provincial curriculum policy documents, and are tailor-made with approval by the Ministry

Courses available to Grade 9 students in English:

  • Academic English
  • Applied English
  • Locally Developed English
  • Pre Advanced Placement English (prerequisite – Level 4 achievement or 85% in Grade 8 Reading and Writing/Language Strand)