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Mathematics is a subject that is mandatory in Grade 9, 10, and 11.  It is strongly encouraged that all students continue to take mathematics in Grade 12 as mathematics is often a requirement for many post secondary programs.  Mathematics is offered at the Locally Developed, Applied, Academic and AP levels. St. Mary’s College offers over twenty mathematics courses to help students achieve their required three credits to graduate and prepare them for many different post secondary opportunities.  Taking these classes can lead to careers in engineering, computer sciences, business, and of course mathematics, with many other possibilities.


All students working toward a credit in Grade 9 Academic or Applied Mathematics are required to participate.  These tests evaluate how well students are meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 9 Academic or Applied Mathematics courses from The Ontario Curriculum.  EQAO’s provincial tests provide our schools with information they need to deliver effective teaching strategies and support each one of their students.  The results help the province identify student strengths and target areas where attention and resources are needed.

AP (Pre-Advanced Placement) Classes & Exams

These classes are offered to students in Grade 8 and students in Grades 9 through 12, prepares students to write the Advanced Placement exam in Grade 12.  The successful student will be highly motivated and will enjoy solving multi-step problems while maintaining strong work skills and achievement. Students who wish to prepare for the Advanced Placement senior courses and exams choose this course.  A prerequisite of 75% achievement in Pre-AP MPM1DA or 80% in MPM1D, consultation with teacher, and recommendation from the Lead Teacher of the Math Department is required to stay or take part in the classes. Taking the Pre AP courses in grades 9 to 11 prepares you for the AP Calculus — Interdisciplinary class in grade 12 which allows you to take the University Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam in May.

Technology in the Classroom

Many teachers in the math department are using the LMS—Learning Management System.  Teachers post notes, homework solutions, assignments, and videos to help the students learn concepts.  Some teachers use the grades tools to post student marks so that students are able to instantly see their progress in class.

Grade 9

MAT 1L – Locally Developed Math
MFM 1P – Applied Math
MPM 1D – Academic Math
MPM 1DA – Pre AP Math

Grade 10

MAT 2L – Locally Developed Math
MFM 2P – Applied Math
MPM 2D – Academic Math
MPM 2DA – Pre AP Math

Grade 11

MEL 3E – Workplace Math
MBF 3C – College Math
MCF 3M – University/ College Math
MCR 3U – University Math
MCR 3UA – Pre AP Math

Grade 12

MEL 4E – Workplace Math
MAP 4C – Apprenticeship Math / College Math
MCT 4C – Technology Math
MDM 4U—Data Management
MHF 4U – Advanced Functions
MHF 4UA – Pre AP Advanced Functions
MCV 4U–Calculus
MCV 4UA – Advanced Placement Calculus Part 1
IDC 4UA – Advanced Placement Calculus Part 2