Communications Technology

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Grade 10 Communications Technology (TGJ20)

This course introduces students to the concepts and methods of communications technology. Students will develop communication ideas in five areas: graphic production, sound and video, computer animation, information displays, and photography. Focusing on fundamental concepts, students use computers, audio-video equipment, and other tools to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge and skills to create, capture, manipulate, edit, arrange, display, and present communication projects. Working through pre-production, production, and post-production processes, you will create devices for effective communication with an intended audience. As students explore the diverse technologies within communications, students will learn about career opportunities and the impact communications technology has on society.

Grade 11/12 Communications Technology: Yearbook (TGJ3/4M, TGG3/4M)

Yearbook is a course in which students will have the unique opportunity to write a book, prepare a publication, run a business, and record history. This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to work with advanced technology, strengthen their analytical and problem solving skills, improve communication skills, and manage tremendous responsibility. Students will have the opportunity practice the fundamentals of journalistic writing, photojournalism and graphic design. All students are exposed to sales techniques, marketing strategies, and distribution management.

While the primary objective of the yearbook class is to produce the annual school yearbook, students will gain much more. Students will gain skills in team building and will expand their social perspective as they strive to meet the diverse needs of every student on the St. Mary’s College campus.