Computer & Technological Education

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Technological innovation influences all areas of life, from the daily lives of individuals to the work of business and government, to interactions on a global scale. It helps meet basic human needs and provides tools for improving people’s lives and exploring new frontiers.

Computer Education

In today’s digital world, computer education is a critical field of study that offers a limitless amount of opportunities for both academic and technological growth. Since the invention of the Internet, the development of new computing technologies has steadily increased, leading to fundamental change in the way we live and work. It’s hard to imagine a life without computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets, but without computer science, that’s exactly what we’d have.

Computer education is the #1 source of new wages in Canada and the U.S., with businesses and organizations driving the demand for people with proficiency in computer technology. Gaining qualifications in computers provides a breadth of opportunities in a wide variety of fields, such as information technology, telecommunications, computer programming computer engineering, computer science, aerospace and defence, financial services, and digital marketing, to name just a few!

All computer education students will share at least one fundamental and highly transferable skill: the ability to use technology to solve problems. Learning about computers and how to write programs from an early age will teach students to logically think their way through any type of problem. This paves the way for independent thinking and the ability to produce solutions to problems from a new perspective: an extremely useful skill in any career choice.

There is a clear skills shortage in the computer science sector, with hundreds of thousands of unfulfilled job opportunities. it makes only makes sense to prepare our children with the computing skills they need to succeed in a constantly expanding job market.

Technological Education (Skilled Trades)​

Skilled trades play an important role in our economy and our society. Think about it, the sector touches almost every aspect of our lives from the homes we live in, to the cars we drive, to the food we eat. Canada depends on the work of skilled trades and needs skilled tradespeople.

With over 200 careers to choose from, the skilled trades sector truly does offer something for everyone. As an apprentice, you receive post-secondary education through on-the-job training and in-school learning. This provides you with the skills to work almost anywhere in Canada. Skilled tradespeople are in demand all across the country. As the babyboom generation retires, this demand is only going to increase.

Grade 9

TCJ1O – Exploring Construction Technology (Open)
TEJ1O – Exploring Computer Technology (Open)
TIJ1O – Integrated Technology (Open)

Grade 10

TCJ2O – Construction Technology (Open)
TDJ2O – Technological Design (Open)
TFJ2O – Hospitality and Tourism – Foods (Open)
TGJ2O – Communications Technology (Open)
TMJ2O – Manufacturing Technology (Open)
TTJ2O – Transportation Technology (Open)

Grade 11

TCJ3C – Construction Technology (College)
TDJ3M – Technology Design (University/College)
TEJ3M – Exploring Computer Technology (University/College)
TFJ3M – Hospitality and Tourism (University/College)
TGJ3M – Communications Technology (University/College)
TGG3M – Communications Technology (Yearbook)(University/College)
TMJ3C – Manufacturing Technology (College)
TMY3C – Welding Technician (College)
TPJ3M – Health Care (University/College)
TTJ3C – Transportation Technology (College)

Grade 12

TCJ4C – Construction Engineering Technology (College)
TEJ4M – Exploring Computer Technology (University/College)
​TFJ4M – Hospitality and Tourism (University/College)
TGJ4M – Communications Technology (Yearbook)(University/College)
TGG4M – Communication Technology (Yearbook) (University/College)
TPJ3M – Health Care (University/College)

St. Mary’s College offers a variety of computer and technological courses.

Please click on each course to find out what they are all about.

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Health Care

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Hospitality and Tourism

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Manufacturing Technology

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Transportation Technology

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Communications Technology

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