Exploring Computer Technology

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Grade 9 Exploring Computer Technology (TEJ1O)

This course enables students to understand the technological and computer concepts that they will need in order to design, develop, and build usable products or to deliver services, as well as to pursue further technological studies. Students will use the technological design process and a variety of tools and software to solve problems, complete projects, and strengthen your communication skills. This course will provide students with the technical transferable skills and knowledge that will enable you to be successful in all courses. Specifically, students will learn the history of computers, how computers work, how to use computers/technology ethically, internet safety, how to build a website using HTML code and finally, robotics. Hands-on activities include dissecting laptops and assembling them together, recycling e-waste into a functional or non-functional piece of art and using presentation and word processing software that builds and enhances their computer skills.

Grade 11/12 Exploring Computer Technology (TEJ34M)

This course examines computer systems and control of external devices. Students will begin the course with a brief history of computers, will understand the basic parts and functions of the computer and will also understand binary and hexadecimal code. Students will disassemble/assemble computers and will build a computer system using the main parts of a computer. A brief overview of the history of the Internet, as well as how the Internet works will also be studied. Students will learn how to code their own website using HTML and CSS code. Finally, students will also develop knowledge and skills in robotics as they build and program Vex robots. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will learn about college and university programs leading to careers in computer technology.

Grade 11/12 Computer Science (ICS34U)